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Knowledge is power. But what is the essence of knowledge in this age of ever-increasing information? It is data. Having accurate, up-to-date, comprehensively rich data is the key to surviving the onslaught of the age of Big Data. Implied Intelligence is your definitive source for data solutions. We are a small, agile and highly innovative company, able to deliver a wide variety of prepackaged products—or almost any custom solution you can imagine.

We have perfected the art and science of web and social media mining. Our proprietary semantic dictionaries in multiple local languages—along with our precise grammar and rule-based extractions refined over many years, all built on a sophisticated technology architecture and lightning-fast processing algorithms—ensure that our data quality is unrivaled.

On average, our data is 25 to 40 percent richer and more accurate than that of our competition. As an example, one of our customers had a fairly complete listing of U.S. business websites totaling 6 million rows of data. We augmented this with another 2.5 million rows of hard-to-find business addresses, with a 96% accuracy rate.

We offer a complete range of raw database Products that have listings of business addresses and corporate executives for over 50 countries in 12 different languages. Added to this, our TopUp Data Feeds ensure that the databases never become outdated.

Our Solutions take it a step further with subsets of our raw database products that are specifically targeted at a specific application objective. For example, our New Businesses database provides a comprehensive listing of all new businesses, even those without a physical location.

Our Points of Interest solution—ideal for Smartphone and GPS applications—lists physical addresses that are of interest to people. One of our clients used a customized form of this solution to build a smartphone application with 9 million points of interest in 10 different countries, including the United States, Canada, the UK, Russia and several other European countries.

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